Where / how to show your work

A few resources for film competitions (search High School): Film Freeway Film Festival Search Withoutabox Film Festival Search LoopdeLoop Current Philadelphia film competitions: WHYY Youth Film Awards On Vimeo you can include your video in Collections to increase the potential viewership. It is also very important to choose a captivating thumbnail for your video. This…

Maya Walk Cycle

Link to example file Instructions for Making a character and quick Rig Instructions for Exporting a Render Sequence Extra Tutorials on quick rigging a character and walk cycles:  

Maya 3D Modeling

Today in class we’ll be learning the basics of Maya. This will include polygon modeling, edges, faces, and vertices, textures, camera movement, and basic animation. Link to Maya Room Project Maya Hotkeys Andreas Wannerstedt’s work    

Green Screen

For learning how to Keylight/Green Screen we’ll be using this video.  

Loop Template Exercise

This morning, to warm up for the day we will do a 15 minute drawing exercise, make a 12-frame loop of an abstract shape. The only guidance is it has to use color and loop! Download template here