Walk Cycles

Here are some examples to get you going on making a walk cycle:¬†Walk Cycle Think about how our whole body changes in space from our toes to our hips to the tops of our heads. Walk around to really get the feeling of moving through space and embody that movement into your own animations.  

Animate The Internet

Animate the Internet Length: 5 seconds, 60 frames Description How do you illustrate the idea of a system? How do you translate abstract concepts into concrete ones? For this assignment you will consider how the internet works and how it functions as a system. You are free to be as literal or as wild as…

How to Start Hand Drawn Animation in Photoshop CC

Here is a short guide on how to get started with working in Photoshop and hand-drawn animation. Here is a template file with the video layer set and timeline at the correct frame rate – 12FPS. Here is a short guide on how to import your photoshop animations into After Effects. Here is a short…


Hello all! We’ll be using this website as a platform for sharing assignments, posting videos screened in class, extra tutorials you can watch at home, and sharing the animations you all make this summer. Can’t wait to see what you make!